Photo: Linnéa Lennartsson Igår kom de äntligen, finaste stövlarna någonsin. Här snackar vi kärlek till ett par skor, hur fina är de inte? ÄLSKAR DOM! Har redan tänkt ut en ny look mee dom. Men först ska ni få denna look, men det får ni lite senare =) Nu ska jag svara på mail och fortsätta redigera bilder, får se om det blir lite träning fram till kvällen också. Pussis!

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- I'm totally in love with my new overknee boots, so perfect! I love them. I already know how to match them next time, but first this look. The whole look is up on the blog later. NOW: Edit som pictures and answers e-mails. Kiss!

with love Rebecca 



Karin Nordin
Hej! Har du hunnit mejla till alla vinnarna i julkalendern? Jag tror att jag är en av dom men har inte fått något mejl! Jag väntar och längtar
hej ! jag är väldigt nyfiken på vad ditt jobb som instagram manager innebär, skulle vara otroligt roligt om du ville berätta lite =)
Andreas Wilhelm
Jag heter Andreas ... and that's it almost for the Swedish (which I learned long time ago for only half a year) ... well, coming from the bootlovers.typepad-Site and Fernando Berlin (who is a little bit less careful with the cure of the site than the pre-owner) I have to express compliments to your blog. Then especially to Linnéa - for the IMG_9592 (stylish, detailed, technically interesting (perspective, color-& contrast-coordinated, seems also b/w though its colored; un-/focused) & natural in one shoot) and - the IMG_9623: the best pic of you, though only the 2nd best as far as the boots presentation is concerned, AND to you: I like it more personal, if possible, and less "cool"-style ('cos everyone can take on sunglasses for photoshooting) - and it IS possibile in my view 😉 - that means you look much nicer (without them). Further good luck with your blog, all your choices in the future and Greetings from Rome